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Virtual Music Education and Collaboration Laboratory

The MusiColab project aspires to strengthen existing and emerging e-learning initiatives in music education by integrating scientific knowledge and research achievements into a comprehensive platform.

Specific Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the project, include:
Rep – Structured Repository for Annotated Music Material
LMS – Learning Management System tailored to the requirements of music education
NMP – Networked Music Performance infrastructure for music lessons
MCT – Music Collaboration Tools
AHS – Automatic Harmonisation Software

Woman making electronic music on laptop computer and digital instruments. Top view of young female producing modern indie music on synthesizer and digital controllers


The MusiCoLab project started in June 2021 and has a duration of 30 months, i.e. until December 2023.

The implementation is split into five work packages, and ten deliverables:

  • WP1: Data Repository and Learning Management System
    D1.1 – Digital Files Repository
    D1.2 -Learning Management System
  • WP2:System Architecture
    D2.1 – Functional Specifications of Networked Music Learning
    D2.2 – Architecture Implementation 
  • WP3:Virtual collaboration Tools
    D3.1 – Digital Representations and Collaborative Practices
    D3.2 – Implementation of tools and artifacts for music collaboration
  • WP4: Intelligent applications for music education
    D4.1 – Trained Models for Automatic Harmonisation
    D4.2 – Automatic Harmonisation Applications
  • WP5: Pilot setup and user evaluation
    D5.1 – Pilot setup
    D5.2 – Evaluation Experiments

Email: musicolab _@_ hmu.gr